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Right Access First Time

As part of the Right Access First Time programme in BSol, on 6 September, GPs and practice managers from practices across the North Locality met to discuss their priorities for managing workload and improving access over the next couple of years.

Each PCN had detailed discussions about their priorities for action and support. These have been collated and summarised – see the ‘Resources’ tab for downloads.

Next steps: a locality improvement collaborative

The Provider Support Unit is proposing to host a RAFT improvement collaborative for practices in West locality. More information about how this would work is provided in the summary of the meeting on 6 September.

Please use the form below to express an interest in participating in this collaborative. We would aim to get started promptly.


Summary of the discussions

This document summarises the discussions about local priorities, and present options about next steps.

Handouts from the meeting

Introducing Right Access First Time

These are the slides presented in the meeting.

Introducing the Provider Support Unit

These are the slides presented in the meeting.

Other resources