GP Provider Support Unit, Birmingham and Solihull

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Right Access First Time – new ways of working

All-practice meeting, Thursday 27 July 2023. 12:30 – 4:00pm, Birmingham City Football Club

At our last all-practice meeting we explored the range of potential actions for managing workload and improving access. In this meeting, we will create the next level of detail for our plans.

Objectives for this meeting:

  • Agree more of the detail for the changes we want to implement in practices. These will be produced collaboratively with expert facilitation and experience from practices about what’s working well already.
  • Confirm the list of questions which need answering before we begin implementing change.
  • Produce a list of the support requests for the Provider Support Unit.

Our priorities in East locality

Based on feedback so far from East practices, there are 4 top priorities for action in 2023/24. In order of preference, these are:

  • Improve pathways (optimise digital, care navigation, flexible appt book)
  • Productive follow-up
  • Improve continuity
  • Optimise ARRS impact

Scoping & design prompts

We have 5 sets of prompts to help with scoping and designing the changes we want to make:

Process design prompts

When drafting a new process, consider the following:

  • Detail is essential – who does what, when, how?
  • Questions/ issues? List them & return later
  • Not going to work for some patients? Consider an alternative process.
  • Range of options / preferences? List them with pros/cons. Consider how to test & compare in practice.

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