GP Provider Support Unit, Birmingham and Solihull

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The PSU offers a wide range of support for GP practices, PCNs and locality teams across Birmingham and Solihull.

Locality facilitation

Management support and expert facilitation for local improvement collaboratives.

The RAFT locality collaboratives are receiving project management support, venue funding and expert facilitation from the PSU, enabling practices to participate at no cost to themselves. (Several sources of funding listed above contribute to backfill costs.)

Our team of Locality Managers provide advice and support to PCN clinical directors and locality teams, and are the first port of call for locality matters.

Peer support team

Trusted advice and support for improving services in the practice.

The peer support team are a well-known source of highly relevant support for practices in implementing improvements. They are part of the new Provider Support Unit, and will be a major part of supporting the RAFT programme.

Digital expertise

Advice and procurement support on digital tools for online consultations and automation.

The ICB’s digital team are key contributors to the RAFT programme. They are available to produce expert guidance and procurement advice about digital tools, as well as supporting practices in planning to get the most benefit from them.

Care navigation training

Commissioning and funding care navigation training according to practices’ specification.

National funding is available to provide training for one member of staff per practice. BSol practices have told the PSU that training is required for all members of the reception team. The PSU is therefore planning for a new BSol-wide care navigation training programme as part of RAFT. Details are expected in September.

Producing resources

Creation of best practice examples, case studies, templates, etc

When creating plans for improvement, it is often not necessary to reinvent the wheel. There is a wealth of expertise and experience already in practices across BSol and England which can help accelerate local solutions. As part of RAFT, the PSU is developing a series of resources which draw on case studies, literature reviews and expert advice, so practices can make effective changes faster. The resources will cover each of the Access Actions as well as providing practical guidance and templates for implementing change.

Data & analytics

Expertise in designing metrics, collecting and analysing data in ways that serve the practice

The PSU is working to establish a responsive resource of expertise to support practices in using data to inform their work in accessible way. This will include the creation of new measures relating to access and staff wellbeing, standard searches and templates for gathering data, and business intelligence (BI) support to present and analyse it.

Primary care academy

Free training for clinicians and managers to develop effectiveness as agents for change

Sustainable improvement doesn’t just happen – it takes leadership. The PSU is developing a range of training and coaching offers to help clinicians and managers grow their confidence and effectiveness as agents of change in the practice and locality.

Questions? Please contact us if you have any questions about our work.