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Right Access First Time - locality collaborative for BSol Central practices

All-practice meeting, Tue 28 November 12:30 - 4:30pm @ MAC, Cannon Hill Park

This is the first meeting of the Central locality Collaborative for RAFT (Right Access First Time).

In this meeting, we will hear from practices about what they’ve been doing (and learning), and work on our plans for improving patient pathways and reducing avoidable appointments. This will ensure practices get to focus on the areas they have said are their top priorities, and that the QOF requirements for the QI indicators are addressed.

About Improvement Collaboratives

Improvement Collaboratives are a tried and tested approach to primary care development which allow practices to make better improvements with less effort. The approach will already be known to practices who have participated in national programmes such as Time for Care and Productive General Practice Quick Start.

An improvement collaborative is a group of practices who are working on improving a similar aspect of their work – in this case, access. The collaborative meets regularly to share examples of what’s working, solve problems together and develop the next stages of their plan with expert support. The combination of pooled expertise and practice-to-practice sharing of effective solutions helps each team to make more effective changes with less effort than if they did all their work in isolation.

The RAFT programme is facilitating a collaborative for practices in each locality of BSol. We will meet roughly every 6 weeks or so. 

The agenda is set by practices themselves, to ensure we address the top priorities locally as well as national requirements such as those in the QOF QI indicators on access and staff wellbeing

Priorities for Central locality practices

At our introduction meeting in the summer, GPs and practice managers in the West locality reviewed the options for improving access and managing workload and discussed the top priorities for action in 2023-24. 

The document below summarises the discussions from our last meeting. 





Right Access First Time update



Access lessons from Greenridge Practice



Update on dementia navigators

Audit on avoidable appointments

Most practices find that a significant proportion of GP / ANP appointments could have been avoided. Measuring this – and the specific changes that could be made – is very helpful in identifying your priorities.

The PSU is developing a free audit tool to support the collection and analysis of this data, to inform your discussions and plans. This will contribute towards your QOF achievements in 2023/24. 

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Demo of the audit tool

Demo of the results dashboard

What do you think?

Action planning

Below are 3 planning templates, for different levels of detail. Select the one that suits your current situation best.