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Right Access First Time. Central Locality

This event page contains information about the Right Access First Time programme (a more full website is in development), plus polls to get your feedback. 

Please contact Jacqui Morgan with questions or ideas about the RAFT programme. 

Meeting resources

Measuring potentially avoidable consultations

Doing a rapid audit can show how much opportunity there is to improve access and workload pressures through improved care navigation. 

The audit results below came from GPs who used a quick online ‘tick sheet’. It takes 3-5 seconds per patient.

Potentially avoidable GP consultations - results show potential for huge improvements

The GP Provider Support Unit are exploring options for providing a rapid audit tool like this. Please click the button below to leave your details if you might be interested in this. We’ll be in touch with further information in the near future.


Improving continuity

View / download the resource on the practicalities of improving continuity without just working harder. 


Info about GP Appointments Data

Here is an update from NHS England about making the most of your appointment book. Useful contacts are also listed.