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BSol Change Agents

Change Agents session 1

Thanks for joining the first get-together of our learning set for ‘senior’ primary care change agents in BSol. Apologies for the late start and the less-than-ideal meeting room – I hope it was a worthwhile session for you nonetheless.

Please find out other materials in the “Discussions” and “Resources” tabs. The feedback questions will appear here on Wednesday.

Use these to reflect further on how we engage and motivate practices for change.

Please feel free to add post-its to the whiteboards. No login is required. You’ll be assigned a random name initially but you can change this to your real name if you wish – this makes it easier for us to use this as a springboard to conversation and shared planning.

1 The challenges of change

Your position?

Thinking of your role in mobilising practices for change, where on this picture do you feel you are placed currently?

This is how we answered for ourselves …

2 Shared identity and values

Watching the video from ‘Made in Dagenham‘, what are the things Rita O’Grady did to effectively mobilise her audience to act?

Click to open the whiteboard

3 Extrinsic vs intrinsic motivators

How do we tend to try to motivate general practice for change?

REFLECT: when trying to engage and motivate practices, what are the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators available to us? Where do we tend to place the most emphasis? How would you like to be as a leader?

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4 Burning platform vs burning ambition

Leaders can choose to talk about both negative and positive ‘drivers’ for change. Both can get change started. However, negative (or ‘fear-based’) drivers need renewing more often and risk creating a negative culture. They can result in both leaders and their communities burning out.

Watch the brilliant Peter Fuda introducing this concept, and then consider how we approach this in general practice…

REFLECT: What are the burning platforms and burning ambitions we could stoke in order to drive change in general practice?

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Things to support you in using these ideas…


Handout of the slides from our session.

More learning

Other things to watch / read…

The power of one, the power of many

Introduction to the evidence of how social movement leaders engage and mobilise people for action, and the story of how it was applied in the NHS Academy for Large Scale Change.

Start with why

Simon Sinek discussing the use of values and purpose in the commercial world. 

Burning ambition / burning platform

Peter Fuda’s introduction to the choice leaders have to make between motivating change through burning platforms or burning ambition.

Motivation at work

Introduction to Dan Pink’s research uncovering the top three motivations for people to improve their performance at work.