GP Provider Support Unit, Birmingham and Solihull

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The RAFT programme is hosting an improvement collaborative in each of the six localities in Birmingham and Solihull. This will help to share best practice and accelerate change.

Improvement Collaboratives are a tried and tested approach to primary care development which allow practices to make better improvements with less effort. The approach will already be known to practices who have participated in national programmes such as Time for Care and Productive General Practice Quick Start. An improvement collaborative is a group of practices who are working on improving a similar aspect of their work – in this case, access. The collaborative meets regularly to share examples of what’s working, solve problems together and develop the next stages of their plan with expert support. The combination of pooled expertise and practice-to-practice sharing of effective solutions helps each team to make more effective changes with less effort than if they did all their work in isolation.

Funding and support

Alongside provision of the locality collaboratives, there is a growing range of funding and other support available for BSol practices to help with improving access and managing workload. 

Full information is here.

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