GP Provider Support Unit, Birmingham and Solihull

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It’s often tempting to jump straight into implementing changes when we’ve got an idea. However, we have all experienced the results of not pausing long enough to clarify and share the plan – slow progress, unexpected consequences, frustration and loss of trust. 

The PSU is committed to supporting BSol practices to develop and use action plans that ensure change is safe, successful and sustainable. We are gathering resources here to read, consider and plan in the best ways. Please let us know if there are other resources or support you’d like us to provide.

Seeing the big picture

  • Pareto chart to identify the likely high impact changes you could make   [resources in development]
  • Prioritisation matrix to discuss where to start   [resources in development]
  • Driver diagram to discuss and create the map of your plans   [resources in development]


Planning a project or task

Knowing how we are doing

Resources and training are being prepared to support practices with a large variety of measurement needs.