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The first of the locality collaboratives has got underway as part of the Right Access First Time programme. On 26 October over 50 GPs and managers from East locality practices came together to progress their work to improve access and manage workload. It was a packed and energetic afternoon which resulted in practice leads coming away with new ideas and plans for practical improvement.

At this first meeting we heard about the success of an online total triage system in Eden Court and Hodge Hill practices. Despite some initial apprehension, staff and clinicians report much reduced stress, and there are regularly unfilled appointments for the first time in 20 years. Read more here

Participants then discussed their plans for measuring avoidable appointments and improving the patient pathway. The next meeting of the collaborative is on 14 December. One practice manager commented that “this is a great way to get practical wisdom from neighbouring practices and avoid having to reinvent the wheel on everything”.

The RAFT programme is offering to host a collaborative in each locality. To find out more, visit your locality’s mini site on the Provider Support Unit website. Each meeting of a collaborative features updates from across Birmingham and Solihull, a case study from a local practice and facilitated sharing, problem solving and action planning for practices’ own next steps. Read more about improvement collaboratives. 

There is no cost to practices to participate in the collaborative, and backfill is covered by the Enhanced Service Offer. More information about funding and support to improve access is here