GP Provider Support Unit, Birmingham and Solihull

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The North locality’s RAFT collaborative has got underway. On 30 November GPs and managers from North locality practices came together to progress their work to improve access and manage workload. It was a packed and energetic afternoon which resulted in practice leads coming away with new ideas and plans for practical improvement.

Braving the coldest autumn weather for years, participants nevertheless managed to get a lot done in the course of the afternoon.

At this first meeting we heard updates about actions being taken by the Provider Support Unit in response to practices’ requests at the summer introduction meetings.

  • Several of these require action now by practices – a full list of updates is available on the PSU website here

We reviewed the experience of practices who have introduced a ‘total triage’ system supported by AccuRx software, to address their patients’ needs and reduce avoidable appointments. There was excellent discussion about the specific choices practices can make to ensure their approach to Getting Info First Time fits their patients and team. 

Participants tried out a demonstration of a new avoidable appointments audit for BSol practices and discussed their plans for measuring avoidable appointments and improving the patient pathway. We also spent time discussing the desired approach to locality decision making in future, before heading off home to warm up.