GP Provider Support Unit, Birmingham and Solihull

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Improvement Collaborative 3. 18 April 2024

This is the fourth meeting of our improvement collaborative, sharing ideas and plans for improving access and managing workload.


If you attended the last meeting, there is no need to register for this meeting. If you didn’t attend the last meeting, please click here to register – this really helps with our planning. 


12:30-4:30pm, venue tbc
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12:30Arrival & refreshments
13:00WelcomeWelcome and scene-setting
13:05Updates from the RAFT programmeUpdates on BSol-wide projects
13:15Catch-up: what have you been working on?Group discussion of recent work and lessons.
13:30Locality updateUpdates on work in the locality
14:20Shared problem solvingShared design and planning work.
15:40Planning the next stages of our workShared design and planning work.
16:25Next steps