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The PSU is gathering and producing a collection of resources to inform and support innovation and improvement in practices and PCNs. 

Keep checking back to see the latest ideas, case studies and planning materials.

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What are the opportunities and priorities for improvement?

Audit: Avoidable appointments

Tips: Measuring continuity of care



What changes could help us achieve our goals?

Overview: The Access Actions for practices

Step-by-step: RAFT planning guide



How to turn good plans into successful and sustainable improvement?

Template: Outline action plan

Template: Detailed project plan

Template: Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle

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BSol Enhanced Service Offer (ESO)

In Birmingham and Solihull the ICB provides additional funding for general practice, to support improvement and transformation that meets the specific needs of local patients. The four areas of the […]

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Case study: total triage, Eden Court Medical Practice & Hodge Hill Family Practice

Eden Court Medical Practice and Hodge Hill Family Practice, Birmingham Eden Court and Hodge Hill practices have implemented a ‘total triage’ system to improve access and manage their workload more […]

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Enhanced Service Offer (ESO) October update

The ESO is an important contribution to primary care improvement plans. It is a major ICB investment in primary care’s work to ensure all patients in BSol have the “right […]

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Enhanced Service Offer Local Improvement Scheme

Quarter 3 & 4, 2023/24 The ICB’s Primary Care Commissioning and Performance Team wrote to all practices in November about the requirements for the second half of this financial year. […]

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Enhancing signposting

This is one of RAFT’s access actions for practices. The objective is to ensure training, information and protocols/guidance are available to help practice staff navigate patients to the most appropriate […]

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Getting info first time (GIFT)

One of the Access Actions to improve access and manage workload is to “Get info first time” (GIFT). The objective is to obtain enough information when the patient contacts the […]

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GP Appointments data – advice

Info from NHS England about use of GP Appointments data

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Improving continuity of care

Ideas and information about improving continuity of care

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Increasing the use of online services

This is one of RAFT’s ‘access actions‘. Its objective is to work with patients and practice systems to increase the use of online services by patients, measured by the monthly […]

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Make the appointment book more flexible

This is one of RAFT’s access actions to improve access and manage workload. The objectives are to design the appointment system so that staff are able to select the right […]

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Overiew of funding and support for access improvement

A wide range of new support is available to help practices implement changes to improve access and manage workload more sustainbly. It is coming from a number of different sources, […]

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Patient information about access routes

The NHS nationally has produced a set of resources to support practices give patients confidence about the new routes to access care. These are based on research and testing to […]

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Pratice websites and other digital updates, 18 Oct 23

This webinar with Kate Thomas, Head of Digital Programmes gave updates about: practice websites [expression of interest form below] online consultation tools telephony digital champions Directory of Services New clinical systems […]

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QOF QI: optimising demand and capacity

The RAFT programme will help practices’ achievement on these new QOF Quality Improvement indicators (QI016, QI017, QI018 and QI019). The GP contract for 2023/24 introduced new Quality Improvement domains, one […]

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QOF QI: staff wellbeing

The RAFT programme will help practices’ achievement on these new QOF Quality Improvement indicators (QI013 and QI014). Implementing the Access Actions is expected to improve wellbeing in the practice, through […]

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RAFT planning guide

Step-by-step suggestions for turning good ideas into workable solutions for your practice. BSol practices have set their sights on connecting patients first time with the right person or service, at […]

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RAFT Webinar: Funding for improving access, 19 Oct 23

Sorry, this event has been postponed owing to illness in the team. A new date will be confirmed as soon as possible, and communications sent directly to practices. (MS Teams […]

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Reducing Avoidable Appointments

Why focus on this? There is enormous pressure on appointments, especially with GPs and ANPs. But what if some of their booked appointments could be avoided?   As far back […]

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The Access Actions

The Access Actions is a framework for improving access for patients and managing workload for practices. It is being used as a menu of changes to implement as part of […]

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The Change Model

‘Everything we know about successful change in one place” The Change Model (also called the NHS Change Model) was created to inspire and guide the planning and leadership of larger […]

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Transition cover and transformation support (TCTS) funding

Back to ‘Funding & Support’ The transition cover and transformation support fund (TCTS) is a national source of funding for GP practices to support access improvement. It was anounced as […]

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