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Solihulll all-practice event: improving access & managing workload

Thu 16 Nov, 12:30-16:30 (lunch from 12:30). Cranmore Park Cranmore Avenue, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4LF

GPs and practice managers in all Solihull practices are invited to this locality meeting, focused on the practicalities of improving access, meeting our contractual obligations and managing workload.

Updates will be given on BSol-wide work supporting capacity and access. Practices will be introduced to the Right Access First Time programme, designed with PCN CDs across BSol, and supported by the new Provider Support Unit. Information will be provided about how to apply for funding from the Transformation Cover and Capacity Support fund.

We will discuss practices’ priorities for action in 2023/4, and preferences for how to approach these in Solihull. In particular, the CDs will gather feedback about the things practices want to be done at locality level, and the areas where we can make progress with less effort through sharing ideas and work.

Right Access First Time
People working

Background: Right Access First Time

Right Access First Time (RAFT) is a peer-led improvement programme in Birmingham and Solihull general practice. The aim is to help practices implement practical changes that will manage workload and improve access for patients.

The programme began with input from clinical directors and managers from each PCN in BSol. They confirmed the values and aims they would wish to see leading a new movement of change, and developed a list of changes that will help manage workload and improve access. 

The RAFT programme is the result of that meeting in April 2023. Supported and funded by the Provider Support Unit, it is an offer to facilitate locality collaboratives of practices, helping to accelerate the design and implementation of improved systems and processes. Read more.

Right Access First Time

The central principles established by primary care leaders are that we should move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to access, recognising that different patients have different needs – and that, while the system needs to continue increasing resources and reducing inappropriate demand on general practice, we ourselves are able to streamline the way we manage our work.

  • More information about the RAFT programme is available here.
  • The menu of access actions proposed by PCN leaders is here.
  • A wide range of funding and support is available for practices to improve access. This includes both national (QOF, IFF) and local (ESO) schemes. Click here for more information.

Meeting agenda

12:30Arrival & lunch
13:00Welcome & introductions
13:10Right access first time – introduction
13:40Updates from across the ICB
14:20Discussion: our priorities for action
15:35Discussion: locality approach
16:15Next steps