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The transition cover and transformation support fund (TCTS) is a national source of funding for GP practices to support access improvement. It was anounced as part of the 2023/24 GP Contract and is administered locally by the ICB.

ICB-administered national fund to help with the costs of implementing access improvements, such as attending your RAFT locality collaborative and clearing appointment backlogs. BSol will receive a share of the £88m national fund over 2023 to 2025. (Approximately £13.5k per practice, which can be accessed in either 2023/4 or 2024/5.)

This funding is available for practices who are implementing change, for example as part of the RAFT programme. Its purpose is to contribute towards the staff costs of planning and implementing change, as well as clearing appointment backlogs ahead of going live with a new access system. Each RAFT locality collaborative will create the required plans and progress reports for practices, to minimise the admin burden.


Improving access involves work for the GP practice, in terms of understanding their current situation, scoping potential improvements, developing plans and implementing change. Where significant changes are made to access and appointment systems, it is also often necessary to reduce any appointment backlogs before going live.

The purpose of this new national fund is to contribute towards practices’ costs for planning improvements in access and clearing appointment backlogs. All practices are eligible for approximately £13.5k (weighted) from this new national fund.


To receive funding, the practice is required to submit a plan detailing the access improvements they intend to make in 2023/4 and 2024/5. They are then responsible for submitting a report of progress later in the period. The changes must align with the elements described in the GP Contract (so-called ‘modern general practice’). These changes are all included in the RAFT programme’s menu of Access Actions, so there is no need for practices in BSol to run multiple separate change programmes.

For practices participating in a locality RAFT collaborative, the administrative requirements will be minimal, as planning templates will be provided throughout the programme. Practices who choose not to participate in their local RAFT collaborative are also eligible to apply for the funding, and will be required to complete their own plans and reports using templates provided by the ICB upon request (to the Commissioning Team).

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